Matcha Chocolate Set
Matcha Chocolate Set

Matcha Chocolate Set

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Buy Australia's Best Matcha Chocolate. 
1x Matcha Chocolate Set (9 Pieces)

Contains: Egg, Milk & Soy. May contain traces of nuts.

Chocolate is made using ceremonial grade matcha from Kyoto.
Matcha Chocolate comes in an assortment of flavours.
Flavours included in the package:

  • 3% matcha: Contains a hint of matcha
  • 6% matcha: Light flavor of matcha
  • 12% matcha: Balanced flavor between matcha and chocolate
  • 18% matcha: Strong matcha flavor for matcha lovers
  • 24% matcha: Almost like drinking matcha itself
  • Houjicha (Roasted green tea)